TouchView Interactive Display for Schools

TouchView For Classrooms and Conference Rooms

ITRG Secure is proud to carry the TouchView family of interactive panels.

TouchView Interactive is intended to make classrooms more egalitarian and productive places to work together. True multi-user support, dependable screen sharing, and easy-to-use annotation capabilities are some features of our vast interactive displays.


TouchView Interactive is designed to make classrooms more collaborative and engaging. Teachers love the ease of use and simplicity, while IT staff love the powerful remote management and support capabilities. Students love interactivity and engagement! With 4K resolution, 20 points of touch, and full-screen mirroring capabilities, the TouchView Interactive family of panels is sure to be a hit with all stakeholders in any K-12 environment!


The next generation of interactive displays!

The Touchview ULTRA SERIES G3 are interactive panels designed for learning and collaboration in any K-12 environment. With an anti-glare protective glass, smooth writing surface, and a touchscreen capable of responding to 20 simultaneous touch points, the ULTRA SERIES G3 is the perfect tool to help improve learning outcomes with ALL students!


TouchView Interactive Highlights

True multi-user support, dependable screen sharing, and easy-to-use annotation capabilities are some features of our vast interactive displays.

product-TouchViewTouchView Wins InfoComm 2022 Best of Show Award

Excited to announce the TouchView ULTRA series is an InfoComm 2022 Best of Show WINNER in the Tech and Learning category!

Tech & Learning and the other award-giving periodicals consulted with AV/IT specialists familiar with the technology in the categories for which they were responsible. The nine panelists held CTS certifications as either technology managers, integrators, or consultants.

TouchView is the perfect interactive display for education.

The dynamic displays from TouchView update the classroom for a more enjoyable and productive student experience. Our interactive touch screens were made with the classroom in mind, so teachers can use their computers to project whatever they choose to display and engage students in the learning process.

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TouchView’s high-resolution, interactive screens have improved pupils’ focus, attentiveness, and attitude toward schoolwork. Interactive displays have been shown to increase student engagement and enthusiasm. According to recent research, students who were given access to technological tools were shown to have higher levels of intrinsic motivation.

With the TouchView Interactive display, instructors may manage and comment on any program running on a Mac, PC, or Chromebook.

TouchView Experience the Culture of Interactive Learning

TouchView is the next generation of interactive touch panels for education and business. Download the Touchview spec sheet

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