ROCKWARE Conference Cameras

Teacher Video All-In-One Conferencing

This is the ultimate classroom collaboration tool!

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This is it if you’re looking for a hybrid classroom AV streaming solution! The Rocware RC10 is an all-in-one camera, mic, and speaker for classroom interaction. No wiring or installation is needed. Simply plug into your computer’s USB port, and you’re instantly teaching to an additional classroom, whether next door or in the next state!


This is an excellent tool to address the teacher shortage issue!

One of the significant features of the RC10 is the ability to “voice track” a teacher while roaming a classroom. The camera follows and zooms in on the teacher wherever they may roam in the school. The 121-degree field of view lens allows an entire classroom to be viewed remotely.

This method works well for enhancing the audio in multi-media classrooms, freeing up instructors’ hands so they may more readily write on the board.

ROCKWARE RC10 Conference – Camera, Speaker, & Microphone

Voice tracking camera for classrooms


The RC10 is designed for use in the classroom. It has various accessories to make installation simple, including a mounting bracket and hardware, a USB-C to USB-A connection, a 12-volt power supply, and remote control. The RC10 fully integrates with all video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft teams, skype, cisco, Webex, and others. ROCKWARE RC10 has a superior resolution that is backward-compatible with lower-resolution displays (1080P, 720P, etc.).