Texas Halo Smart Sensor Installers

Smart Vape Detector for Texas Schools

The HALO Smart Sensor is an IoT device that captures comprehensive health, safety, and vaping awareness. It is the #1 vape detector worldwide for vaping and vaping with THC detection. As of 2021, HALO has won over 60 awards and is in over 1,500 school districts throughout the country to help combat the vaping epidemic.

The HALO IoT Smart Sensor employs twelve separate sensors that collaborate to detect a variety of chemicals and sounds. The device was developed expressly for use in schools to identify potential shootings, violence, and THC and vape emissions. The HALO can also detect invisible hazards in the atmosphere, such as excess ammonia, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen.

  • Vape & THC detection
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Chemical detection
  • Privacy area security

Increase School Safety with the Help of a HALO

The device warns school staff or administrators of potential dangers. The HALO can distinguish between different chemicals. It can, for example, tell the difference between a person vaping with nicotine and a person vaping with THC. Furthermore, the HALO can detect irregularities in light, vibration, pressure, temperature, and sound and notify employees to any unexpected data that may signal a crisis situation.

HALO is a smart environmental sensor designed for schools.

The HALO Smart Sensor (HALO) is a real-time vape detector and security aid that assists in the detection of potentially crucial events in privacy-sensitive locations such as environmental changes and changes in air quality (by particulate matter).


This smart sensor can not only detect vaping, smoking, chemicals, and other substances. It can signal bullying and violence, so aiding in the fight against the juvenile vaping pandemic. HALO Smart Sensor, which uses the latest in smart technology, was created with privacy in mind, since it offers a layer of security in areas that are not covered by video security. This allows security operators and administrators to watch locations where cameras are not permitted, such as toilets and private hotel rooms, so contributing to a safer and cleaner environment.

HALO Cloud

Do you like the cloud? HALO Cloud is an option that allows you to control and update many sensors with a single keystroke, as well as obtain facility-wide trend monitoring and reporting via an online dashboard.

The online dashboard allows you to manage various devices, generate real-time Health Index and AQI alerts and reporting, and view alerts and historical data, allowing you to document the health status and trouble spots in your buildings.