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WAVE-101: Wireless Presentation System – Atlona

The WAVE-101 is more than a wireless presentation system. It’s equipped with a host of convenience features ideal for education and other applications – making this a versatile media device for live streaming broadcasts, digital signage, audio playback, and more. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) demonstrations for 4 different devices simultaneously. A built-in wireless access point on the WAVE-101 enables up to four mobile devices or laptops to cast their screens directly to each other. The WAP can be deactivated if the facility’s IT security policy demands it be connected to the network.

Wi-Fi Presentation Platform Made Easy for The Classroom

The AT-WAVE-101, an innovative wireless presentation system for rapid and easy information sharing from up to four PCs or mobile devices, is now available from Atlona.

The WAVE-101 is intended for use with iOS®, Android™, Mac®, Chromebook™, and Windows® devices. Adaptability extends far beyond BYOD content sharing, with a slew of other functions to improve education, corporate, and various other applications. The WAVE-101 is a software-centric solution designed for effortless wireless collaboration between numerous presenters and a full feature set that handles AV integration needs, network security, media playing, and more.

  • The WAVE-101 allows up to four presenters to share their content simultaneously on-screen
  • Supports all platforms: iOS®, Android™, Mac®, Chromebook™, and Windows® devices
  • Works with virtually all tablets, phones, laptops, and desktop PCs.
  • Supports YouTube live-streaming. The instructor/teacher can live stream all presentations on YouTube Live.
  • Adapts the on-screen layout to new incoming or disconnected source content.
  • An instructor/teacher can “drag and drop” an image or video file into the device console for instant presentation to the classroom

Atlona Captivate Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Microphone (AT-CAP-SP100)

The Atlona Captivate Bluetooth Mic/Speaker features USB, Bluetooth, and analog connectivity. The 6-element microphone array captures voices in a 360° radius from up to 16 feet away. The Captivate is perfect for any small to medium classroom or huddle space, featuring sophisticated echo cancellation and noise reduction.

Superior Audio for the K-12 School Environment!

The Atlona Captivate is designed for use with many popular video/audio conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx. With multiple connectivity options, it is compatible and “plug and play” with virtually any tablet, phone, laptop, or desktop computer. The included battery allows Captivate to operate for up to 8 hours on a single charge.

  • Bluetooth directly from the device
  • Bezel LEDs display the status of audio and battery levels
  • Supports both USB and QI wireless charging
  • Using Bluetooth and Qi together allows for a fully wireless user experience
  • Elegant design that looks good in conference rooms, executive offices, and home offices
  • Durable metal enclosure
  • Included accessories – USB Type-C® to USB Type-A cable, analog audio cable, installation guide
  • Cascade Cable (AT-CAP-SP100-CBL) option allows two CAP-SP100 speakerphones to be connected and work together to cover larger meeting spaces
  • The Secure Mount (AT-CAP-SP100-MNT) option allows the speakerphone to be securely mounted to a flat surface to prevent tampering and theft
  •  2 Year Limited Warranty