OPENGATE™ Weapons Detection System for Schools

Metal Detector For Schools

OPENGATE™ by CEIA is a groundbreaking weapons detection system and the first wire-free movable system.

Automatic screening of people with backpacks and bags for mass casualty shooting weapons and IED detection.

Extremely high throughput with near-zero nuisance alarms provides automatic screening and pre-screening of non-divested people along with their carry-on items.

Ready to go in a matter of minutes and weighing only 25 pounds, OPENGATE™ is ideal for inside or outside use in less-than-ideal conditions without making any changes or assembling any mechanical or electrical components.

Automatic Security Screening In and Out of Schools

The OPENGATE™ can be set up quickly, automated, and easily set up for unparalleled screening; no extra equipment is required for screening luggage, backpacks, purses, or bags.

The OPENGATE™ has the capability for extreme transit flow or high volumes of traffic.

Setup and transporting OPENGATE™ can be done quickly, and easily making it ideal to move from football games, campus to campus or to after hour events. OPENGATE™ requires no additional calibration and is wireless making it the ideal choice for stationary or mobile use.

product OpenGate AppOPENGATE™ App

Detection and signaling parameters can be easily set via the OPENGATE App, designed for smartphones or tablets based on Android or iOS operating systems.

OPENGATE’s Extreme Portability & Easy Set Up